Friday, June 18, 2021

The water calculation model of a Detention Roof.

Thanks to extensive research in their research laboratory, Green Roof Diagnostics (GRD) has an extensive data set with regard to water retention and water detention on green roofs. This wealth of data has led to the development of the ‘water calculation model’. Many questions about the retention and detention of rainwater on vegetated roofs can be answered with this model. The water calculation also provides insight into whether the calculated peak run-off of the Detention Roof is within the standard that is determined based on the requirements and wishes of the local government or water board.

What is calculated with the water calculation model?

The water calculation model can be used to determine the local effectiveness of a Detention Roof on the basis of a specific type of rainstorm in a specific region. This provides insight into whether the Detention Roof meets the requirements of the local government and whether the Detention Roof is able to handle heavy rain storms in a controlled manner, thereby minimizing the risk of flooding on a project.

The water calculation model provides insight into the following measured data:

  • Water buffering capacity of the roof
  • Delay time of the fallen rainwater
  • Rainwater runoff and peak flow rate during rainfall
  • The effect of evapotranspiration of the roof
  • Saturated roof weight

Within the water calculation, all water-absorbing components of the Detention Roof are fully saturated with water.

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