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Various international partners in the construction industry, including Sempergreen and Knauf Insulation, have set themselves the goal of optimizing water storage and rainwater management on a green roof. Intensive collaboration and extensive research have led to the creation of the innovative Detention Roof. The Detention Roof will radically change our perception of green roofs within climate-adaptive construction.

To measure is to know

The foundation of the Detention Roof lies in the Green Roof Diagnostics research laboratory in Virginia, USA. All kinds of rainfall can be simulated in this lab. Over 500 different tests were carried out on various green roof structures commissioned by independent international partners from the construction industry. Especially, the water-storing performance of each component in the green roof construction was examined.

The extensive research dataset has led to the development of the optimal green roof structure with regard to stormwater management. This concept was launched on the North American market under the name Purple-Roof Concept. In Europe this innovative concept is introduced into the market as "Detention Roof".

Research lab Green Roof Diagnostics in Virginia, USA

Partners Detention Roof

Sempergreen is the worldwide market leader in high-quality green solutions, both as a grower and as a supplier. From its Dutch headquarters, Sempergreen has the ambition to become a worldwide preferred supplier of total solutions for green roofs, living walls and instant green ground cover. Sempergreen is driven by the mission to create a green and liveable world for our generation and the next generations. By developing innovative and sustainable green products, Sempergreen strives to reduce the effects of climate change and environmental pollution. To keep its ecological footprint as small as possible, Sempergreen operates and supplies as much as possible from local nurseries around the world.

Knauf Insulation is one of the leading and fastest growing manufacturers of insulation materials. Knauf Insulations's mission is to become the global market leader in energy-efficient and sustainable building systems. With over 30 years of expertise in energy efficiency as a foundation, Knauf Insulation focuses on delivering real performance and offering an extensive range of sustainable solutions for residential and commercial construction and industrial customers, including green roof and landscaping system solutions (joint under the cover name UrbanscapeĀ®). Knauf Insulation, part of the German family business Knauf Group, operates from 27 plants and offices in more than 40 countries and employs approximately 5,500 people worldwide.


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